Highden Equine provides the ideal setting for horses to live and thrive. Robbie Denman, owner of Highden Equine, has a passion for horses and has been breeding, rearing and training them from a very young age. His experience spans three continents and ranges from polo ranches in Uruguay, the historic lawns of Cowdray to the harsh outback of Australia. His facilities offer the ideal location to give your horses a comfortable and unique place to live whilst offering you unlimited access to them, and what better place to start your ride than the South Downs Way?

The Highden Equine DIY Livery yard is a beautiful place for your horse to live. The stables are safe and warm and look over the South Downs. There are various beautiful treks on our doorstep for your horses to experience.

Highden Equine also offers wintering for polo ponies. The hills provide well drained fields for the ponies, to rest up in time for the summer months.