The Estate offers a beautiful backdrop for any occasion and is home to an impressive walled garden, fields and a forest school. Each venue offers something a little different meaning you will be able to select a location that best reflects the theme of your event. Click here for the 2019 brochure

The Highden Walled Garden was built in the Victorian era and has been well maintained since. Stepping through the door into our secret garden you’re transported into serenity, the high walls provide a private and secure venue. In the summer the colours are breathtaking, hidden artwork pieces including pottery and a bench made from wound willow contributes to the organic look that blends harmoniously with flowers and foliage throughout. Within the acre of space, a beautiful apple and pear archway runs up the middle over a pebble pathway, vines growing various berries and flowers including the climbing Lady Silvia Rose which was planted by the Denman’s in the early 1900s. 

Cowdown offers a 20 acre picturesque blank canvas. Views across an unblemished landscape, ensure total privacy and seclusion, whilst offering you the best sights from the top of the South Downs National Park. It’s the perfect venue to dance amongst the stars. 

Wedding shot of bride in field

The Forest School is maintained by Garden Cottage Nursery. Here the children are able to let of steam in a new environment and learn about nature in a fun and informative setting. Due to its magical feel it has become an ideal venue for weddings and parties.